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Here’s what some of our Valdosta, GA customers are saying about us:

I can't thank the owner and crew at Valdosta Transmission repair enough for getting my Hummer in for repair on May 3, 2021. We were traveling through Valdosta when my truck broke down and they were so gracious to take it in ahead of others to help us get on our way. This is personification of kindness. All this was done quickly and very reasonable priced.

Joe Hatfield Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Very courteous gave good information will visit them ASAP

Jimmie Rowe Google Review

Lee built my Transmission for my 2006 gmc Sierra 4x4 it works great

joe white Google Review

Thanks Joe, him and his crew worked me in and I appreciate them. They took the time to make sure I was squared away!

Eric Robinson Google Review

Very friendly and professional personnel and very knowledgeable.

William Watson Google Review

Everything went smooth, people are so friendly.

Sheila Aubin Google Review

Need Transmission work!! These are the People to see!!!!

Jaquita Maynard Google Review

Excellent customer service and turnaround time!

Brentney Green Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Based on what I asked for it's just a little high priced but overall if you need a good transmission job done this would be the place to go.

Timothy Williams Google Review

Very friendly and helpful people and they didn’t charge me a dime!

CJ Russo Google Review

5 Stars!

Brentney Green Google Review

Good honest place to get service

Mike Adams Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

5 Stars!

Heather Adams Google Review

5 Stars!

David Slaughter Google Review

5 Stars!

joe white Google Review

5 Stars!

Daniel Wagoner Google Review

After reading reviews on this business, I decided to give them a try on my 750li BMW.. They diagnosed my transmission issue, repaired it, and saved me hundreds of dollars in the process. I highly recommend this business- John Bell Sr

wayne washington Google Review

I broke down off I10 on my way to Oklahoma for a funeral for my fiancé’s grandmother. Took time off work for this and everything of course it’s an important family matter. Had to sleep in a rest stop first night and then got a tow the following night to an off road auto shop in Madison FL. I was told that they do transmission work because that’s what I was told I needed and thought so also. I spent two nights in the hotel next to the place till they opened on Monday. When Monday arrived I went up there and was told that they don’t do transmission work actually so this whole time was wasted and wasted money in the middle of nowhere. Very frustrated as is the auto shop diagnosed my truck without informing me and even charged me the diagnose fee and of course I had no other option? So I had to call a tow truck to tow me to Valdosta Transmission and I called them that morning and explained everything going on. Lee quoted me a price over the phone and I told him I would be on my way. It was the best deal around also to be honest. I made my way to his shop and he pulled it right in and diagnosed it and quoted me a VERY reasonable price and even took me to my hotel about 10 minutes down the road! I’m just saying nowadays you CANNOT find that anywhere! I paid half off the work already and I’ll be picking it up Thursday! And I didn’t even want to wait to give a review because he’s the most honest, generous man around here. So please don’t settle for anything but Valdosta Transmission!

Megan Sellers Google Review

These guys (and lady) are the best. We were visiting family in Valdosta when the van would not shift out of second gear. Not a good thing if we were at home, but really concerning 200 miles away from home. We dropped into Valdosta Transmissions thinking our 2001 van with 220K miles had finally died and our next stop would be to get a rental car. After a quick diagnostic, they repaired the transmission ( a switch of some kind) and we were on our way. Great service, reasonable price and now another happy customer. Just wish Valdosta Transmissions would open a branch in the south Atlanta area.

BJ B. Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Valdosta Transmission is awesome. The staff/service people were just so friendly and caring. We took my truck in on a Monday evening, and it was ready Thursday afternoon. If ever we need any services for our vehicles, Valdosta Transmission is our first choice all the way. We highly recommend Valdosta Transmission.

Mavis Schaffer Google Review

5 Stars!

David Mullis Google Review

The reviews are spot on. Lisa, Richard and the entire team at Valdosta Transmission will take excellent care of you and your car. We trust them with our transmission work all the way from Gator Chevrolet in Jasper, Florida and they are well worth the trip!

Lee Johansen Google Review

Awesome customer service

Janice Livingston Google Review

After seeing good reviews on this company I took my car to them and was very pleasantly surprised they gave me great service at a great price on time. The problem was a minor problem . these are honest people and very trustworthy

DAVID GLASS Google Review

4 Stars!

Erik Ritz Google Review

I had my trans built and alsome job!
Then i got a nother truck and trans did not shift out .over the phone they fix my problem!! Go there if you need a trans looked at

John Schreiber Google Review

Good friendly fast service

Javier Estrada Google Review

Valdosta Transmission is an awesome business and well exceeded all my expectations. Richard the owner was very nice and very knowledgeable. He is a hands on operator and business owner with great customer service. He got my truck in and out in one day fixed and on budget. Thank You, I would recommend them to everyone.

Chuck Smith Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Great customers service and open on Saturdays.

paul Wilson Google Review

The reviews are what steered us in the direction to contact Richard. Stranded 200 miles from home pulling a camper and our truck started experiencing what was later determined to be transmission problems. We were literally shocked at the quote we received from the local Ford dealership. Contacted Richard and he wasted no time to give us a reasonable quote and a guarantee as to when he could get us back on the road. We were back on the road as promised along with a 3 year 100,000 mile nationwide guarantee. Thank you Richard

Michael Fox Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Awesome customer service, love them.i highly recommend everyone to them.and my truck is running like new thank you guys for everything

KIDZKIDZ TV Google Review

Honest, good service

Lucy Ann Vanbuskirk Google Review

My wife and I were travelling from Ohio to Florida on I-75. An awful noise presented itself. We stopped for the night in Valdosta, GA, where I found Valdosta Transmission. This is the kind of business any consumer dreams of. One quick drive, Richard diagnosed the problem and gave me an estimate on the spot of $12-1500. I knew what that meant....probably 2000. He helped us find a nearby car rental and we continued on to Florida. He said it would be done on Tuesday afternoon. It was done on Tuesday at noon, it cost $1200 and the service was simply excellent....they really know what they're doing. Highly recommend to all.

Ken George Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Richard and his staff are utmost professionals. I broke down at Exit 22 in Valdosta. It was discovered it was my driveshaft. Richard and Valdosta Transmission was highly rated and recommended by three reputable individuals. Before the work was started. Everything was explained upfront. From cost of parts, labor and time frame is service. Richard is a blessing to Valdosta. I will recommend him for any services he provides. Thank you Richard, Lisa and the entire staff!! JRC

Jim R Case Google Review

These folks are honest and knowledgeable . Took care of my service on my truck in good time and a fair price. Won't go back to the dealer anymore.

David Carter Google Review

5 Stars!

Eric Taylor Google Review

Fast, expert service. I took my Altima in for a transmission on 12/20/18 and was able to pick it up on 12/28/18. They had to order the trans from the factory. The price was less than any where else. This is the second time we have used them and we recomend them all the time.

Regina Drier Google Review

A while ago I had taken my car to the dealership to get it looked at after it started making some noises. They told me that the transmission was going and it would all need to be replaced. I was so upset with the price ($3k) and everything they had told me that I just stood in the Walmart parking lot afterwards shaking my head. A guy in a pickup truck saw me and asked what was wrong. When I told him he said to go to Valdosta Transmissions because the guy there will do it right.

So I went to this place on the recommendation of a random guy in the Walmart parking lot. But that guy wasn’t wrong! Valdosta Transmissions checked out my car and then told me within a few minutes that it wasn’t my transmission at all. In fact it was the spark plugs going bad. He sent me to another place down the street to get that looked at. I got those replaced and everything is great now. Thank goodness I took the advice of a random guy in the Walmart parking lot to come here. Otherwise I might have spent a fortune getting things done at the dealership that didn’t need replacing.

Dereth Drake Google Review

My wife and I were traveling through Valdosta on the day before Thanksgiving when we experienced what we thought was a transmission problem. We went to Valdosta Transmissions where they did a test drive. It was going to take a few days, so they did everything they could to help us find alternative transportation. They called later and let us know that the problem was with wheel bearings, so not as expensive as we had thought it would be. Their service was excellent. Their pricing was fair, and everyone there went out of their way to help us. They even called to make sure I got home alright after I picked up the car to drive back to Florida.

Jeff Bransford Google Review

Great vehicle repair shop! Will go the extra mile for you ❤

James McIe Google Review

5 Stars!

David Daniels Google Review

This place was AWSOME I CANT SAY ENOUGH GOOD. My daughter car broke down and we live 4 hours away Richard the owner was so good to us. If I ever have another issue with any of my other car I will make the 4 hour trip that's how good he was to me and my kid. Thank you awesome customer service

Latasha Smith Google Review

5 Stars!

Nikki Slade Google Review

5 Stars!

Stafford Williams Google Review

We send our customers to Valdosta Transmissions when they have transmission problems. We have never had one person come back and tell us about a bad experience. In fact, most make it a point to tell us how pleased they were with the service they received.

Wisenbaker's Garage Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

We thought we had a transmission problem, but Richard referred us to another shop when he found out it was not the transmission. He went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. Thanks Richard!

Brad Baker Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

If I could give Richard and Lisa 100 stars, I would. Never in my 80 years have I received such caring service and a job well done.

John Grier Google Review

We were broke down in Valdosta on Memorial Day weekend on Saturday afternoon when everyone was closed or closing soon. I called Valdosta Transmission and Richard drove out to where we were and did a quick fix to get us back to his shop and full repair completed. I recommend this shop to anyone in need of transmission repair. There needs to be more businesses like this one!

Judy Spafford Google Review

Things don't always go right all the time. In my case, Rich replaced the transmission in my camper. It was fine but on a trip last week the drive shaft fell out of the back of the camper. My extended warranty would not pay because they said the people who replaced transmission were responsible. I don't know that I agree with that because it was adhered.? Regardless we were 250 miles from Valdosta and the shop we had been parked at wanted way too much money to fix it. I called Rich and he said that he would make it right no matter the cost. I was floored that he would jump in to help. Most places once you leave that is it. Regardless Rich towed it back to Valdosta, replaced the drive train, took it to Ford for the part they needed to put on and changed my oil. He was fantastic when he replaced the transmission too a couple of months earlier. As a matter of fact the service manager at Ford said that they would love to hire Rich himself at Ford. They said he was honest and a hard worker. They said he was so talented that he opened his own shop and has done fantastic. So, long story short, they do a fantastic job and they get it done when they say. They are trustworthy and if something dies go wrong they stand behind their work. This could have turned out much differently but he kept his word and took care of it all. Thank you, Rich and staff, for your hard work and dedication.

Sharon Menzel Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Richard and his staff was very very good to us and they went above and beyond of what we expected and I am thankful for them..there isn't to many people who are as helpful and generous as him and his staff..I will definitely be returning for any transmission needs..

Kilanda Clayton Google Review

Richard and his staff provided truly great service. They were friendly and within 2 days replaced my transmission. Very reasonably priced. Could not ask for a better experience in a very professional environment. Would highly recommend. Thank you very much.

Mark Ferguson Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

The owner, Richard, and staff are very knowledgeable. He genuinely wanted to help me solve the issue I was having with my car. Definitely recommend this shop.

R Bauer Google Review

My turnaround on my vehicle was really fast they were very friendly. I will recommend them to anyone. They are simply the best

Candie Fountain Google Review

Good Service!!

Curtis Hargrove Google Review

Very good people to work with. Come see Richard for all your transmission needs. Very honest and trustworthy people.

latasha pitts Google Review

The best in town and they do good work I approve this message

alfred hill Google Review

I am writing this review on Mr. Fletcher's computer as we share the same computer. My name is CA Leisey and my mechanic recommended Valdosta Transmission to me. I've visited Richard several times for different opinions and service work and he has ALWAYS been fair and economical in every aspect. These are Top Notch people to deal with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

C.H. Fletcher Google Review

Excellent service and budget friendly!

Trinni Amiot Google Review

Just wanted to say Thank you, and awesome.

R S Google Review

This is the best place ever!!! Customer service is their main priority and the quality of work is awesome. Richard (the owner) is a great and nice man that understands and will work with you. I recommend this place if you want work done the right way.

The Nuday Tv Google Review

I took my car to this place to get a clutch kit installed and they did a great job. But after a couple of days my TOB went bad and I was freaked out. So I called the owner Richard and I explained to him what happened and he told me that the TOB went bad. So I did my research on the type of TOB that I used and it has a lot of issues I wish I would have done that research first. So Richard felt so bad and he told me that if I come ready for work to help him put my new TOB in that he wouldn’t charge me a thing. What kind of place tells you these things. He not only installed my new TOB but also the new pilot bearing and x pipe that I brought. Mr. Richard is very knowledgeable and knows perfectly what he is doing. This is THE best transmission shop ever in Valdosta or anywhere. A good place is very hard to find now in days. I highly recommend this place. If you need work done to your vehicle, please go and see Mr. Richard at Valdosta transmission. You won’t regret it. I’m very happy with my car

Aday Monzote Google Review

5 Stars!

Chad Roadhouse Google Review

Very competitive price. Quick turnaround. In anticipation of possible flywheel damage, the part was ordered along with the clutch kit which reduced the time waiting on additional parts delivery. Past experiences with other transmission shops has been the see as they go approach. I very much appreciated their experience to be able to anticipate, plan and execute in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Though I hope to never again do business with Valdosta Transmission, I will not hesitate to be a repeat customer if I ever have transmission problems with any of my other vehicles. From the moment I set foot into the business, I was impressed with the clean and organized shop, the upfront information and estimate which turned out to be spot on. I left knowing that as a customer, I was listened to and was going to be treated honestly and fairly. I rarely post feedback or ratings for vendors and businesses, but in this case with my experience being a great one, I decided to as I was very impressed with the service and price. I highly recommend Valdosta Transmission. Simply, the best.

Pat Myers Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Traveling through town headed for Florida we had a minor problem with our cargo carrier. In short, I needed to borrow a wrench. After stopping at 2 nearby auto parts stores and being told at each that I would have to buy the tool in question, I stumbled across Valdosta Transmissions and its very friendly service manager. I explained the problem and 30 seconds later was holding the tool I needed in my hands and was correcting the problem with my carrier. While I was working, I listened as the service manager explained to another customer that the other customer’s problem was less serious than the customer had originally thought and easily corrected. If I lived in Valdosta and had a transmission problem I would definitely bring it to this shop. There are too few knowledgeable, genuinely helpful mechanics left in this country. Valdosta transmisson still has a few.

amy shemke Google Review

The car that my husband and son both share as a work vehicle suddenly wouldn't go into gear one morning at 3 a.m. We had already paid almost $4000 a few years prior for a new transmission from another shop in another town. At that time, I was not aware of Richard and his great shop. I called, and Richard told me to get my car to him as soon as I safely could, and he would find out what the problem was. It took us a few days but since we live in another county, we took our car to the shop on a trailer. They immediately tested the car and Richard was able to diagnose 2 bad shift solenoids. I was terrified that I was facing another multiple thousand-dollar repair, but he was quick to reassure me that it was only $450. Still a lot of money but happy to pay it. The repair was done quickly and so far, no problems. I would recommend Valdosta Transmission to any and every one. Thanks to Richard and his whole team.

Joy Folsom Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Transmission went out in my college child's Nissan. Initially took to dealership they called to confirm it was the transmission after performing diagnostic testing. I was disappointed with the price given to me to repair the car and they couldn't promise it would be that exact price when they were done. We chose to pick the car up and find someone local to the area and more reasonable. I searched through google and yelp apps, reading posted comments of other customers experiences and chose to call Valdosta Transmission. Immediately Richard made me feel at ease, he was very friendly and gave me a set price to replace the transmission once I provided the VIN number of the car. That price did not change and he had the car back up and running within 4 business days. I got the same warranty the dealership was going to provide and the car is running great. I would highly recommend Richard and his team of mechanics to repair anyone with transmission problems. Hope I don't need his help again, but if I do will call Valdosta Transmission. Thanks for your help, friendship and honesty Richard.

D Terrell Google Review

Thanks for the great service! My repairs were done to 100% Satisfaction and in a timely manner. I won't use anyone else!

James Maples Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Please know that Richard is a man of God whom truly walks in integrity, he could have charged me whatever he wanted to and I wouldn't have ever known the difference, today I know that Richard and the men and or women whom he work with and I say this because I have never met him or anyone that works with him, my mechanic referred me to him and it’s just as blessed of an relationship as I have with my mechanic here in Madison Fl. I am truly beyond grateful to God for giving Richard and everyone with him the heart, mind and ability to be of help to people like me and the countless others I pray God will send their way, I'm not praying for people to have car trouble, I'm praying that if it should occur as it sometime will happen, that they are led to your place of service. May God continue to Bless each of you and overflow your finance so that you will never be without.

Patricia Johnson Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

By far the best transmission shop in Valdosta. Richard and is staff are very knowledgeable and the customer service they provide is hands down the best! After bringing by truck to "the other place", I was having issues with the work that was done.I decided to bring it to Richard after a friend referred his shop to me. They fixed the problem and I had my truck the same day! Valdosta transmission has earned my trust and has a customer for life. Thanks Richard!

Travis L Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Richard and his team were great. Excellent service at a great price. Thank you for your profession and courteous service.

Robert Miller Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

I had a 1998 Dodge Ram Caravan that previously had two Dodge Factory spec transmissions installed (when the dealership was in Valdosta) and each managed to last long enough to get out of the warranty period. Valdosta Transmission installed a new transmission and added an additional cooler and I had no further issues with the transmission. The Burgundy Beast was retired with oil seal issues with over 250K miles. Quality product!!

Ralph Gosnell Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Service was great! Owner was very nice and helpful. In and out in 30 mins. Military friendly.

Jordan Mauk Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Thank you Richard Cell! Just passing through Valdosta when our transmission starting acting up. Got us taken care of quickly and back on the road. Highly recommend this business.

Kathleen Hill Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Nothing but Excellent customer service! Above an beyond my expectations!!

Jason Melahn Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

I want to write this review to apologize to Valdosta transmissions and Richard personally, you all took great care of us and u didn't charge us a anything to fix the linkage on our car when we were traveling to flordia. You treated us with great respect , my wife suffers from dementia, and she says things she doesn't realize she said, also I don't know where the warranty thing came from or the talk of other shops over just a shifter bushing but thank you all for being so wonderful I wish all shops were like you. We made it home fine, and to all your customers Valdosta Transmission is a top notch Business.

Merl loggins Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

I was very pleased with the work that Richard and his staff done on my truck...They had done two yearly services on my truck so when my transmission went down I called Richard and he told me to bring it up and he would put it on the computer and see what codes came up. After seeing what code came up he know right away what was wrong. I told him that I was a rural letter carrier and that I needed it as soon as possible. I took it up on a Wednesday and picked it up on the next Tuesday. Five days...that was great! They got me up and running again...I would highly recommend Valdosta Transmission to anyone...Thanks Richard

Becky Rinehart Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

My sons transmission broke while his dad was deployed. Richard had it towed and fixed in just a few days. He explained what he did in laymen terms one could understand. His truck is driving better than ever. I had researched places before picking Valdosta Transmissions and the reviews were correct. He does quality work for a fair price. I would certainly use him again or recommend his service to others.

Melissa Bare Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Richard is extremely knowledgeable about transmissions, including CVTs!

John E. Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Very pleased with their work . Absolutely recommend it .

Marvin Smith Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

They did a good job, didn't take long, and worked with me when I couldn't drop off my vehicle or pick it up on time. Highly recommend.

Hunter Doeppke Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Highly recommend Mr. Richard. He was very nice and did a wonderful job on my car in a timely manner.

Angela Chaney Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

My name is Clint Maddox and I live in Tifton, GA. I had a appointment at the VA Clinic in Valdosta, GA. For me that is a 54 mile trip one way. Half way there the overdrive dash light began to flash on and off and the check engine light came on. I was close to an Autozone store and had the car checked-out with their code scanner. It said that my transmission range sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. After my appointment was over one of my Valdosta friends recommended Valdosta Transmissions to put the sensor on for me. I arrived at Valdosta Transmissions place of business and told that they could replace the sensor for me. The owner/manager was very nice and explained what the cost of labor would be and if I had the part they would put it on in under 30 minutes. The mechanics knew their job well and finished the job without any problems. If I ever have another transmission problem I know exactly where to go to have the work done. I highly recommend Valdosta Transmissions. They where honest and up-front and you can't ask for anything better than that.

Clint Maddox Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Just phoned Valdosta Transmission, spoke with the owner Richard, about my 2004' Ford Explorer transmission. After speaking with him about a worse case scenario of my vehicle's transmission problem he gave me an estimate and suggested I do a Google search to see what customers reviews were for his transmission repairs. I look forward to bringing my vehicle to him and will of course, write a review of his price and service.

David Ditman Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

They rebuilt the automatic transmission in my 98 Nissan Frontier! Did me a super job very pleased!

Virgil Melton Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Richard took excellent care of me when my vehicle broke down on I-75 four hours from home. He promised to keep the shop open long enough to ensure that when I got towed in, he could diagnose the problem and fix it if possible. He did so, and had me back on my way in an hour. Customer service at its finest!

Paul Wolff Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Valdosta Transmission did an excellent job. They were very friendly and professional and got my vehicle back to me in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

Kevin Carter Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

My parent's are on a fixed income and their transmission part was going to cost them $400.00 Richard ordered the part, installed it on their car. When my brother went to pick up the car, Richard said we owed him NOTHING. So refreshing to know there are still good, honest and caring people that we can still depend on.

Sue Register Roach Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

If your needing transmission work, Valdosta Transmission is your place!! In August 2016 my husbands transmission was overheating heading towards Valdosta from Waycross so I googled transmission shops around the area and we came across Mr. Richard's shop. He checked us out like 20 mins before closing time and told my husband exactly what was wrong and told us to be careful and to take it easy on the way back to Waycross and he would be glad to fix it for us and gave us a price that same day. He explained every question my husband asked. A week later we took the truck back to him and he had it ready around the time he told us he would have it done and get this he had to do a few extra thing's and didn't charge us a penny extra!! Thank you Mr. Richard and your team at Valdosta Transmission..

Amy & Will Catlett Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

We are from Illinois and are moving to Florida. We started having trouble on the road and thought it was a transmission problem. We Googled Valdosta Transmission and were delighted with the way we were treated by Richard. It turns out it was not a transmission problem, but he took all of the necessary steps to get us back on the road. He made arrangements with another repair shop that does the work we needed done. He took us to the hotel and we left the vehicle and the trailer we were towing at his shop. This all took place on a Sunday, his day off! He took the vehicle to the other shop and picked it back up when it was done. He then hooked our trailer back up and brought us the vehicle and the trailer. You could not ask for a better person. He truly went way out of his way to make the situation as easy as possible. You can trust them with the keys to your house! Thanks Richard, you are one in a million!

Dennis Case Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

I chose Valdosta Transmission to overhaul my trucks transmission based on their online reviews and I'm happy to report these folks are great! Everything happened in the time I was told to expect and within the expected price range. After driving it for about a month, I wanted my shift points adjusted a tiny bit and that was handled quickly and at no addition expense. These folks are professional, do great work and stand behind their work. What more can you ask for?

Billy L. Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

Valdosta transmission was an absolute lifesaver for us this past week. We broke down on our way from central Florida to North Carolina. I was in a panic with my whole family stuck and pets on a super hot day and they were AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better place to break down. They are extremely knowledgeable, very reasonably priced and super customer focused.

Shawn Whitman Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

We've worked with Richard number of times and he is an absolute transmission expert. Aside from his expertise, he's honest and reasonable. Tough characteristics to find in most businesses. You couldn't be in better hands with your vehicle !!

Jeff Carino Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

I was having some transmission problems, my Blazer broke down and my husband called Valdosta Transmission. Any time I have called, they have been amazing! Always incredibly polite, patient and informative; awesome customer service. While working on my vehicle, they found an additional problem that was a very needed fix. They decided to fix it at no additional charge and honor their original quote, which is just amazing when you only have one household income! They haven't had my SUV for very long, it's being handled in an amazing time frame- it hasn't been long at all. It is certainly an extensive repair and I certainly can't fix it myself! I know I will be very happy with the finished product. I am confident that my husband called the right place! Please, don't hesitate to call- you won't be disappointed!! I will be referring them to everyone I know!

Georgia Bennett Valdosta Transmissions Customer Review

My 2002 Envoy's transmission wouldn't shift into 3rd gear. I started looking for a shop that I could trust to get my vehicle fixed. While searching reviews I started reading the reviews for Valdosta Transmission. With so many wonderful reviews I decided to call. Richard gave me a price and a more than reasonable one I might add. We decided to have Richard and his great team repair the vehicle. They received my vehicle on Wednesday and on Friday I picked up my vehicle transmission fixed and ready to drive. Thank you Richard and your team for a wonderful job. I am recommending Richard at Valdosta Transmission to anyone who has problems with their transmission. Richard at Valdosta Transmission is the place to go. Thanks again Richard and your mechanics are the best.

Jennifer Hardin Google Review

Always happy to help , price is right! Friendly. I would highly recommend them.

Lisa Marie Google Review

Good dependable work and the staff are all friendly and informative. Shop is clean and orderly.

Mike Batten Google Review

Had our truck transmission rebuilt here,great job,works perfectly, super fast service and went above and beyond to help us out!

hudson carter Google Review

I had trouble with my transmission and was referred to Mr. Richard. So glad I came to his shop. I took my vehicle in on a Wednesday morning and the repairs were finished the next day. I couldn't be any happier with the work he's done. He was very kind and helpful and his price was very reasonable. Thank You!

Key W Google Review

5 Stars!

Richard Pearson Google Review

Valdosta Transmission and Richard are the best. Very courteous , honest, and knowledgeable. Fixed our transmission at a very fair price.

Deborah Futch Google Review

Customer service is excellent! Their work is on time and very professional. For their high quality of work even their prices are within reason. Highly recommended!

James Hardcastle Google Review

Very knowledgeable and keeps their word! The price quote is the end price. Quality work!

K Google Review

4 days in and out between a transmission rebuild and transfer case install is unheard of. I didn't believe it when Richard told me. Great work and a great price. Make sure you call here first if you're having issues

Bailey Sublett Google Review

Good service nice people

Donnie Vaughn Google Review

This man is a wonderful human being my son and I were on our way from Oklahoma to Florida for a new beginning. Our truck broke down in Valdosta on a Saturday, we stayed the night in a “questionable” hotel, because that is all we could afford. We knew it was our transmission from the way it was slipping. When we woke up Sunday, everyone was closed and “this angel” Richard answered our call. We prayed for our safe journey, we prayed for the truck to be ok, so we could continue. We were so close to our destination. Not knowing our plans, having all our belongings with us. We prayed and put this in God’s hands Richard answers our call...Richard came to get us, drives the truck and it runs!!!! He drives to his shop for us, hooks it up to the diagnostic and yes, it was transmission, however it was not as bad as we thought. Our journey from Oklahoma to Valdosta was long, 14 hrs, 1,004 mi on the truck straight through was a lot for it to handle with trailer. I’m sorry for this long statement, Richard told us, “your truck has a reading, it overworked the transmission??? I don’t know all the terms, but he said, “you can make it home”!!! “Drive about an hour and a half take a break, go 55, stay in right lane and get home safe, let me know you made it to your destination.” Who is this man? God put in our path? Thank you! Oh, and then, “what do we owe you???? He says, nothing who does this??? I was getting ready to say, my faith was “spent” my prayers were not answered. I am grateful for this man being placed in front of us. Now....we go forward, now we head to our destination and my FAITH in mankind is restored. Thank you for reading this to the end. As I sit here emotionally spent. God Bless you all, and pass on your faith in God and mankind. There are still good people out there, do the right thing, walk the good walk, look out for your brothers and sisters in God and show love, to take the tears away when we feel all is lost and we can’t go any further. Support this man, support his business, keep people like this out there for people that we can count on to do the right thing and not take advantage of us when we need their service. Have a Blessed day for all you all that read this to the end.

Jennifer Fuehrer Google Review

Great work at a cheap price. I came in thinking it was just a transmission fluid change (since Firsestone would not since it is over 100,000 miles), but the experts drove my truck and figured out that I need more than a fluid change. The skipping was coming from my differential. They replaced my backend bearing at a reasonably rate. Trust your vehicle with these guys because they surely can troubleshoot. I'm glad Firestone passed on the maintenance, because the professionals saved me from breaking down on the side of the road.

Jerry Doonaldson Google Review

We had the front differential of our SUV replaced here. We were on a short timeline since I had to go out of town, and didn’t want to leave my wife and 2 year old without a vehicle. When they received a defective part from their supplier and realized they weren’t going to meet our timeline, they immediately called us and offered to pay for a rental car for us. The install was perfect and the SUV has been running great since getting it back. Absolutely 5 stars for customer service!!!

chris dyer Google Review

Tremendous customer service throughout process. Very fair price and they stuck with the problem until it was fixed. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Richard and team.

Alex Sellner Google Review

5 Stars!

Troy Stonecipher Google Review

I can't speak any more highly about Richard and the shop. We had bought a bad transmission and needed the old one rebuilt. He squeezed us in and managed to get the truck fixed in the midst of a hurricane. He even stayed late at the shop on a Friday so I could pick up the paperwork, and the day before so I could get the truck. He was honest and definitely fair. I felt he went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied customers. I'd recommend the shop to everyone, and I'll definitely be a returning customer!! Excellent customer service is hard to come by these days, Valdosta Transmission definitely isn't lacking here!

Anna McMichen Google Review

Thank God for Valdosta Transmissions and Richard , We were on our way to Kentucky from Tampa Fl. My wife and kids are already nervous, we get to Adel Ga. and our car started to have transmission problems.

We had to leave a review, we called and Richard answered the phone and had us towed in. He found a cooler hose had started spraying fluid causing the transmission to slip. Richard fixed us up in about an 1 hour.

Now the car is running great. When we asked how much he said don't worry about the repair bill and the tow, that our family had been through enough with the hurricane. They repaired it for free. My wife started to cry. We want to say god bless Richard and Valdosta transmissions and thank u so much for your help.

Carol Wilson Google Review

I was recommended to Valdosta Transmissions by Bens tire& Auto, I was having an electrical problem with my car causing the transmission to act funny. After talking to Richard I knew I had taken my car to the right place. I was Really impressed to find the owner Richard actually rebuilds the transmissions himself , for 32 years. Richard checked my car and found a bad ground wire on the engine. When I asked him how much I owed him, He said no charge it was an easy one to find. He also told me it was a common issue on my year car. I just wanted to say thank u what a great company and staff thank u Richard. May god bless you and yours. Sincerely ( a customer for life)

dave stevens Google Review

I had a transmission issue with my car and I took it to a shop off of I-75 on Madison highway... and they told me it was the whole Transmission that needed to be replaced. $3800. I got a weird feeling they were just trying to rip me off so I left. Being Active Duty Military Stationed in Valdosta, it's hard to find shops around here that have a good reputation. I did a google search again and found Valdosta Transmission. So I took my vehicle there and met the owner of the shop Richard. From the start he was VERY friendly and hospitable. He explained everything he was doing to my vehicle and walked me through the process of finding out what was wrong with my transmission. Turns out it was just a sensor that needed to be replaced and it was DRAMATICALLY less than $3800. This dude has been fixing transmissions since he was 17 and over all great at what he does. If you need your transmission worked on, go see Richard. You're in good hands there.

Steven Frauenheim Google Review

I have a 2000 F350 7.3 turbo diesel with a ZF6 transmission and it developed a nasty squeak when using the clutch. I searched around town to see who was the most recommended for working on transmissions and Richard at Valdosta Transmission had an overwhelming amount of outstanding feedback. Virtually everything about him and his shop was praises from people that took their vehicle there. I am very particular with my truck and wanted to make sure it was in good hands. After speaking with Richard, I had no doubts that he'd have it taken care of in a professional and timely manner. He put a new upgraded clutch kit in my pickup, however it still was making a horrible creaking noise. We finally figured out it was the slave cylinder, and he replaced that at no charge. The transmission in my truck is now good to go for many more miles. Richard was honest throughout the whole process and I would recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE to Richard at Valdosta Transmission if you are having any issues with your transmission or drivetrain. Thanks again Richard!!!

Adam Cade Google Review

5 Stars!

Matt Corley Google Review

If I could give 10 stars I would!!!!! Honest, GREAT customer service, quality work, can't I ask for more I had an estimate from O'Steen Volkswagen on my Routan to replace the transmission that would have cost me $6000. I took my van to Richard, owner of Valdosta Transmission, and he gave me some phenomenal advice that saved me over $5000 dollars. I didn't get any work done at his shop and he could have just let me believe that I needed to spend $3000 to fix it at his shop. He was honest and walked me through how to work with the manufacturer and dealership to get the work I needed for a greatly reduced price.

If you need an honest, knowledgeable Richard at Valdosta Transmission.

Renee Deane Google Review

Excellent customer service, great work, honest pricing! Was quoted on the phone and left not spending a dollar more, not for tax, not for shop fees, not for environmental fees. First time that's ever happened. Valdosta Transmissions does a great job not just doing what you ask for but in the case of my clutch taking care of other parts around it that will likely need replacement soon so it doesn't need to be all taken apart again. I will be back in the future.

Alden Solon Google Review

We broke down on a Friday in Valdosta traveling from Florida to Georgia the guys at Valdosta transmission got us fixed and back on the road and even helped us out and getting the car picked up on a Sunday best it auto repair experience I have ever had. Thanks Chad.

Jacob Manderson Google Review

Let me tell ya, folks...Richard at Valdosta Transmission is the guy to see with your transmission issues. Honest, humble, knowledgeable, and a very respectful man. Go check him out. Seriously.

Jake Lewis Google Review

I recently had to replace the transmission on my 2005 F150. Richard is by far the most honest and compassionate professional I have ever dealt with in the auto repair industry. His up front rebuild price was less than $1700.00 with a (3) year warranty. Long story short another shop in Hahira GA quoted me a price of $2650 with a (1) year warranty which included a military discount. I called around for a second opinion reached Richard at Valdosta Transmission and in conversation I learned that the Hahira shop who quoted me $2650 actually called Richard and was going to bring him my transmission to rebuild. So even if Richard charged the Hahira shop the same $1650 (which he did not - it was less out of professional courtesy and less removal and reinstall) Hahira shop added an additional $1000.00 to their quote. Richard went to Hahira shop towed my truck to his, threw in an oil change and replaced the shifter cable which he found to be broken. He did not charge me for any of that! If you ever need transmission work you are making a mistake if you don't give Richard the opportunity to bid on your job. Great human being and honest businessman.

Elise Pierce Google Review

I cannot say enough positive things about this place. The staff were courteous and helpful. I had to wait a short time while they diagnosed my problem and I talked to Richard, the owner, during this time. It felt like he was my brother or something by the time I left. I was told by another shop in town that I needed my transmission rebuilt and it was going to be over $3,000. I went to Valdosta Transmission for a second opinion. They told me the problem was much smaller, not my transmission, and it cost me only $425. They could have told me it needed to be rebuilt and charged me way more money because I know nothing about transmissions. This type of honesty in today's greedy world is rare and I just wanted Richard and the staff at Valdosta Transmissions to know that I truly, truly appreciate it. I have had no issues with my car since I left Valdosta Transmission. I rarely leave reviews but, when a business shows knowledge, honesty, and efficiency like this, I had to take the time to sing their praises!! I will definitely be referring anyone who needs any type of transmission work, or just an honest diagnosis of what is actually wrong, to Valdosta Transmission.

DrYelnef Google Review

When I check engine light came on, I was told the issue was the transmission. When I asked friends and coworkers who they would recommend, everyone immediately said Valdosta Transmission. Made an appointment on Thursday to have it looked at. Richard explained everything to me in great detail as to what the issue was. Luckily, there was a slot available for them t began working on my Buick right away. He also had it ready on the day he estimated. Now, my baby runs great. I would recommend him to EVERYONE. Very professional and funny.

P.S He takes care of us military troops too.

Charmaine Anderson Google Review

After a transmission fluid change, the torque converter shutter is gone and my 4runner is shifting like new! Richard was more than helpful and even went out of his way to get the part that I needed when he didn't have it in stock. The price was good and its been about 2 months now with no problems! Its hard finding mechanics to trust and I would gladly use Valdosta Transmission again.

josh watkins Google Review

Honest work, fast, & great price. Showed up 30 min before opening on a Sat. Richard was happy to discuss the issue I had with my stranded Trailblazer...stuck in drive, but shifter in park. Many would see this as an opportunity to gouge a customer with an expensive transmission repair for what turned out to be a $40 repair. He worked my vehicle into the schedule and back on the road a couple hours later. Very honest businessman!

scott brooks Google Review

Mr. Richard and his team are phenomenal! I wasn't sure what was happening regarding my Transmission Range Switch Circuit and they took time to look and drive my car and gave me the answers I needed. Thanks again!!

Mia West Google Review

I would like to thank Richard and his team for the great job on my car's Transmission. I am so confident that this transmission shop is the one and the best in Valdosta. Richard is a trustworthy and respectful man.

Yasser Bajammal Google Review

This was probably the greatest experience I've ever had with any automotive place. Heres my story, my father passed away a year ago and he was a great mechanic and auto body painter. He had a 99 Dodge Durango he built from the ground up that had a transmission problem that I waited all year to get the money to take care of it because it meant so much to him. Richard was the first call I made and I was so excited. Later on I was told to change my choice (something told me not too and I'm sure glad I didn't). The other shop I have no shame in saying was Lowndes county transmission he gave a "pretty price" but this man ruined everything. He began ranting on the phone cussing about people's beliefs and choices in life calling them names which I can't even repeat this to me was very disrespectful (considering his reviews speak for his work) I reconsidered before they could even tow my vehicle to the other shop. I told Richard about my encounter and he actually took off the total price id pay all because I had to deal with the other shops disrespect and scrutiny!! He agreed to still fix my dads car and within days. He kept me in every loop through the process. Richard gave me something more than service and respect, he gave me a part of my dad back. I can't thank him enough truly.

Ayla Barlow Google Review

I just had to leave a review, what a company. I recently had a transmission rebuilt a little over a year ago. I spent good money to have it done at a local shop here in Valdosta and was told it would have extra things done to help it hold up longer. After being told that I was going to have to pay again, I felt like they don't stand behind their work. So I went to Valdosta Transmission and spoke to Richard , he actually cared about my problem and treated me with respect. I left my truck with him to be repaired , the next day he called me and asked me to come in. That's when I found out the other shop in town didn't do any of the upgrades they promised. I was upset. Richard was so nice, not only did he fix my vehicle properly he gave me a 3 year 100,000 mile nationwide warranty. I will recommend him everyone I know. WOW !! customer service is off the charts. all shops should take some pointers from Valdosta transmissions. great job guys and thank u sincerely, Brian Langdale

Brian Langdale Google Review

Valdosta Transmission is a great company, when other automotive businesses shut me away for a difficult job Valdosta Transmission stepped up and decide to help me out which I am very great full for. They do great work and their customer service is top notch, I've never had a company call me after to check up on how my car was doing anywhere else! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Chris CplurC Google Review

Excellent service . Very friendly . Let us know what was wrong with the car & how to save money . My wife and myself were very pleased with their work .

Tre Smith Google Review

Richard and his team done a superb job of getting my work Truck running again. Runs like a brand new one. Would recommend Valdosta transmission to anyone.
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James Waldron Google Review

Took a Ford Explorer in and they built a new transmission in just a couple of days. The customer service was fantastic, the process was easy, and the vehicle runs better now then when it was first purchased. Would strongly recommend this business.

HVK Goddess Google Review

I can't tell you how great of an experience I had at valdosta transmissions. Richard and his team did an amazing job on my clutch replacmemt and they were so nice and professional. He really cares about his customers. I have an 07 audi A4 2.0t quattro and if you have German cars you know how compact and hard they are to work on but Richard and his team did a fantastic job and my car is driving better than ever. They even helped me out with my misfire in the second cylinder when I picked it up.The pricing was very good and reasonable, especially after hearing what other mechanics wanted. I would highly recommend valdosta transmissions to others and if I ever had another issue I would definitely return.

Thank you so much for everything valdosta transmissions!!!

Timothy Stewart Google Review

Took my car in for filter change and fluid. They were done within a couple of hours. It ran alot smoother and went through all the gears better. Did a great job! I will be bringing my other vehicle here also.

Reggie McGee Google Review

This company is AMAZING!!! They provide exceptional service. The crew is very friendly and they go above and beyond the "call of duty!" I would absolutely recommend this shop to everyone I know.

Dawn Gonzalez Google Review

Valdosta transmission is a grade A establishment. Where other transmission shops could have taken me for a fool and offered to re build my tranny Richard found the problem was in my spark plugs and referred me to the right shop to the get the job done. I recommend everyone within a 100 mile radius to come here to have their transmission work done. He brings you in sits you down and treats you like family from the time you pull up all the way through when you pick your truck up.

Rob Mills Google Review

Superior service. This is what customer service should be like. Not afraid to tell you why his prices differ from others. Fast, easy and dependable follow up as well. I will absolutely use again.

Jack Lockhart Google Review

Guys did an awesome job and didn't take long at all

Nicole Pride Google Review

Extremely professional! Looked over my vehicle free of charge and even dropped it off for me to a different garage to have the work done. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you for great customer service!

Gary Williams Google Review

Good work. Finished on time. Offered warrenty

Braavos Google Review

Richard was very helpful and professional . He was able to show me the problem. Got the repair done on time and most importantly...did it right the first time!

Will definitely be back for future repairs. I would recommend his shop to anyone looking for top notch quality transmission service.

Daniel Kromko Google Review

Richard was a Nice and Respectful man! Very good customer service

Krystal brinson Google Review

Valdosta Transmission is a quality repair shop. They go the extra mile. I broke down in Adele, GA on a Sunday night. My truck was towed to Valdosta transmission Monday morning. They diagnosed the problem by early afternoon Monday. They had my truck repaired and I was back on the road by Friday morning. Customer service is number 1 for them. I highly recommend them for all your transmission needs.

Eugene Schlegel Google Review

Best customer service. I felt as if I mattered not just my money. Great job. My truck runs like new. Valdosta Transmission Is AWESOME!!!!

Larry Raby Google Review

Valdosta Transmission is what all mechanic shops should strive to be, and I can't say enough good things about it. Richard was flexible with my schedule, incredibly professional and helpful, and even let me store my Jeep in his lot for a couple days while I tried to decide what I wanted to do. Overall he is a top notch mechanic, and I will be definitely bringing my Jeep back to Valdosta Transmission in the future.

Matthew M Google Review

Very helpful found a lose bolt that another shop didnt tighten and i was on my way in a few minutes.

saxon wright Google Review

5 Stars!

Shonda Brown Google Review

Can't thank Richard enough. Fixed my transmission Jan. 2015, it went out July 2016, lost my receipt. He said it was still under his warranty, he fixed for no charge. Honest and back up their work.

Hanker James Google Review

Valdosta transmission was an absolute lifesaver for us this past week. We broke down on our way from central Florida to North Carolina. I was in a panic with my whole family stuck and pets on a super hot day and they were AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better place to break down. They are extremely knowledgeable, very reasonably priced and super customer focused.

Shawn Whitman Google Review

Richard, the owner of Valdosta Transmission, has been nothing short of incredible. I returned from deployment to a ruined transmission and a flooded rear end. He took right to it, even while being swamped with several other vehicles. He had completely rebuilt the transmission and fixed the rear end in just under a week, at a price that was very acceptable. He's a very kind gentleman with nothing but the best intentions for his customers. Five stars all the way. If ever you need your vehicle fixed up better than new, Valdosta Transmission is the place to go!

Mike Lowery Google Review

I give Valdosta Transmission a five star! My experience with them was amazing I can say I'm one happy customer! My car transmission went completely out and Mr Richard and his team took good care of me. They are very reasonable with their prices and get you out in a timely manner! I recommend anyone with transmission problems to go there! THE BEST IN TOWN!!!! Thank you guys once again

Whitney Rice Google Review

Let me start off by saying you will never come across a more genuine, professional and honest business man than you will with the owner of Valdosta Transmissions, Richard. I have no affiliation with Valdosta GA other than being military and when I needed help with a slight thud coming to a stop, I was recommended Rich by fellow military members. Above and beyond is what Rich did for me from the first five minutes of walking into his office. I went into his shop simply asking for a trans flush, roughly a couple hundred dollars for a 2010 Ford Explorer. Instead of taking my money, he looked into the issue and discovered that year and model had a recurring issue similar to mine. Rich pointed me into the direction of the ford dealership to have the latest software update to the ECM and TCM, as well as relearn the shift timing, trying to save me money. Once Langdale Ford found there was no update, I was charged $90, and told to drive it 300 miles... I brought this back to Rich to which he called Langdale and let them know they did not properly relearn the transmission shifting. The next day, being short a ride and down a vehicle, Rich personally drove me to the dealership and drove it himself. Unfortunately there was still an issue but at least the proper troubleshooting had been accomplished. He quoted me for a price not for a new transmission but for internal components that he again went out of his way to look up via trends, saving me thousands. I asked if a flush would help and he declined to do it because he knew it would be a waste of money. Quality work is hard to find in today's world let alone fair prices. Rich is a haven for transmissions needs and there will be peace of mind to anyone who decides to work with Richard. Please support Richard and his business for the sake of supporting/rewarding integrity and good honest work.

Cody McGinnis Google Review

The owner, Richard, was extremely helpful and the customer service was beyond extraordinary. I was visiting in town for the weekend and he made it his personal mission to get my transmission rebuilt as fast as possible. He even offered to get me a hotel room. On top of the fast and friendly service their prices are better than anyone in town. I would HIGHLY recommend Valdosta transmissions to anyone who needs work done.

ryan kaufman Google Review

All I can say is wow Richard and the staff are kind hearted people that really cares about there customers he worked on my transmission and I haven't had a problem since so overall it's a a++ place

Nichole W-Minus Google Review

I have had some extensive work done by Richard and his team at Valdosta Transmission and I am very satisfied with my experience. I am a college student and needed to have my valve cover gaskets replaced, Richard and his employees stayed 2 hours past closing time to finish my vehicle that day, because he knew that I only had one means of transportation. On top of that, he offers fair and competitive pricing, I called around to several shops getting quotes and his was the best priced. He is a top competitor of car care in the Valdosta area.

Jesse Hutcheson Google Review

Found out my transmission was slipping out of 4th gear. They were able to find a used transmission and install it for a much cheaper price than buying a new one. They were awesome and communicated with me to let me know whenever I had a question or to give an update on status.

Jacqueline Radford Facebook Review

Excellent service! Fixed a problem that I've had for over eight years. I've spoken to many mechanics over the years and Richard was the first to understand what was happening. Recently learned about the issue from a friend of mine, I explained the problems to Richard and he immediately knew. My truck is running just like new!

Elaine McDonald- Biskupiak Facebook Review

Great work at a cheap price. I came in thinking it was just a transmission fluid change (since Firsestone would not since it is over 100,000 miles), but the experts drove my truck and figured out that I need more than a fluid change. The skipping was coming from my differential. They replaced my backend bearing at a reasonably rate. Trust your vehicle with these guys, because they surely can troubleshoot. I'm glad Firestone passed on the maintenance, because the professionals saved me from breaking down on the side of the road.

Jerry Donaldson Facebook Review

Most honest and dependable transmission shop in town!

Randy Chism Facebook Review

Needed some transmission work done and everyone in town recommended these guys, now I see why! They were very friendly and honest. Seemed to genuinely care about people. Their work was done well, in a timely manner, and they were willing to work with me to have the bill paid from out of town. I would definitely go back.

Shawnee Johnson Facebook Review

Had a ongoing problem that Richard and his team found when others couldn't. Very fair pricing and tremendous customer service. Military friendly. Highly recommended.

Alexander Sellner Facebook Review

I can't speak any more highly about Richard and the shop. We had bought a bad transmission and needed the old one rebuilt. He squeezed us in and managed to get the truck fixed in the midst of a hurricane. He even stayed late at the shop on a Friday so I could pick up the paperwork, and the day before so I could get the truck. He was honest and definitely fair. I felt he went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied customers. I'd recommend the shop to everyone, and I'll definitely be a returning customer!! Excellent customer service is hard to come by these days, Valdosta Transmission definitely isn't lacking here!

Anna McMichen Facebook Review

I've taken 2 trucks to Richard now both of which I believed had serious transmission problems. On both occasions they ended up being simple fixes that other people would've taken advantage of. I appreciate their honesty and they have a customer for life!

Will Walker Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Dana David Facebook Review

After a transmission fluid change, the torque converter shutter is gone and my 4runner is shifting like new! Richard was more than helpful and even went out of his way to get the part that I needed when he didn't have it in stock. The price was good and its been about 2 months now with no problems! Its hard finding mechanics to trust and I would gladly use Valdosta Transmission again.

Josh Watkins Facebook Review

When my transmission started to slip on my 2000 Buick Park Avenue, I asked around who was the best shop to do business with. Everyone pointed me to Richard @ Valdosta Transmissions. I drove my car to his shop and was greeted promptly and professionally. After talking with Richard (the owner), I was convinced he was the right person for the job. His prices were very fair and the work was done faster than promised. He also told me about some potential issues to keep an eye out for in the future unrelated to the transmission. After picking up my car, I noticed it drove so much better and shifted just like it was new again. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and service from Valdosta Transmissions and will be doing business with them again if my other vehicles need a transmission. Don't waste your time shopping around at different shops. Valdosta Transmission is the only choice if you want it done right at a fair price. I recommend them to anyone who has transmission issues. Their 3 year/100k mile warranty cannot be beat either. Thanks Richard and the team at Valdosta Transmissions!

Linda Moss Facebook Review

Valdosta Transmission deserves 7 stars! They were recommended to me from another shop that does not do transmission work, and they were phenomenal. Richard was kind and knowledgeable, and listened to my explanation about what I was experiencing. In less than 30 minutes, a long term problem that had been ignored by three or four other mechanics was diagnosed and fixed (mixed lubricants in the transmission). My truck drives better now than it has since I bought it, and I couldn't be more grateful. I will be recommending Valdosta Transmission to everyone I know, whether they are local or a military transplant.

DeeAnn Thomas Facebook Review

Took my truck in to have it serviced a while back, just now getting around to writing a review. Sorry it took so long. Nothing but the best. Quick and easy to deal with. Richard is a great guy that will surely treat you right. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Wesley Moulton Facebook Review

Quick, friendly, and honest. I called and said I was fairly sure the transmission had gone out. He could have easily said it was blown and charged me $3000+ but instead quickly got back with me and said it was just an axle and less than 10% of the cost I was expecting. Also came with a great warranty. Will certainly take any transmission work here going forward.

Steven Wiggs Facebook Review

Took my car in and they serviced transmission by changing filter and fluid, and it has been running smooth and shifting through the gears alot better, Great job. I will be bringing my other vehicle here also!

Reggie McGee Facebook Review

Can you say Fabulous! Honest and kind, hard working and generous ! I love these People!

Lucy Cook Amarillo Facebook Review

Valdosta transmission was an absolute lifesaver for us this past week. We broke down on our way from central Florida to North Carolina. I was in a panic with my whole family stuck and pets on a super hot day and they were AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better place to break down. They are extremely knowledgeable, very reasonably priced and super customer focused. If you need ANY transmission work and are near this place you HAVE to go there. They are amazing!!!

Shawn Whitman Facebook Review

The best transmission shop in Valdosta. Very professional. They did a great job on my truck. I recommend them for all your transmission needs. People that work there are very nice and helpful. Great owner to.

Alberta Armour Facebook Review

They did a great job on my husband's truck! His Tranmission broke and they fix it! Gave us a good deal and treated us right!! We have had no problems since!! If you need work done take it them! I want to tell them thank you so much!! Thank you

Tammie Schiffli Facebook Review

Honest and dependable. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend!!

Scott O'Quinn Facebook Review

These guys are one of the few honest transmission shops out there. They totally took care of my son when his transmission was acting up and even gave us a credit voucher to use if he needed more repairs. Keep up the honest and great work guys your shop is a true reflection of what great people should be.

Susan Kumpe Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Andrea Massey Strom Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Patrick Ryan Ovaert Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Lee Ovaert Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Joe White Jr Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Crystal Weldon Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Casie Majors Crosby Facebook Review

I can't say enough about how great this place was to me. My trans went out on my way from Chicago to Florida. After spending 2 days with a mechanic that ripped me off, I called Richard at Valdosta Transmission. That same day he towed my vehicle in and told me it would be 3 days to rebuild my trans. I told him that I needed to be in Florida then and can he please do it in 2 days. He not only got it done in 2 days but at a great price (I called around and got prices). Then he gave me a ride to a good hotel and split the tow fee with me. After I left for Florida, Richard called me on my way back just to make sure everything was running ok. I just want to say thanks Richard for your great service.

Brad P. Yelp Review

I just wanted to say thank u for helping my son at VSU, you fixed his truck at no charge since it was minor , As parents who live out of town we worry about or son. I just wanted to say thank u all so much. I wish more auto shops were like u

Adam C. Yelp Review

They are truly # 1 in South Georia. I'm a contractor for Moodys Air Base I was having problems with my transmission, so I asked the base commander who to take it to in Valdosta. He clearly said go to Valdosta Transmissions and ask for Richard. So I did and all I have to say is WOW what service ,Richard and his guys were very knowledgeable about my transmission. ( very impressive ) Richard checked my truck and found that the problem, just needed a reflash with the latest software, my firm downshift is gone. I just want to say if u need transmission work don't look no further than Valdosta Transmissions. Richard was very nice, they have a clean shop, and they know what their doing. THE BEST in south Georgia. Thank u again guys. I wish I could leave 10 stars.

Richard S. Yelp Review

Richard Cell was very helpful and got us back on the road quickly. I highly recommend this business.

Kathleen H. Yelp Review

I've had some of the best experience at this shop he couldn't have helped me more great people to have working on your car. I would like to thank them greatly without Valdosta transmission who know when I would've had my car back.

Alicia S. Yelp Review

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